Jaywise: I Will Be Fulfilled When I See Lives Change Through My Music


Ezerioha Francis Izuchukwu, popularly known as Jaywise, is no newcomer to the buzzing music industry. Since inception, he has proven his worth with classic sounds and heavy drips of exceptionalities and excellence. He defines his style of music as “Afrochestra”, a genre which he takes pride in as unique, special and pregnant with a new sound reality. He talks to Tosin Clegg about music after COVID-19, his new EP, his style of music and a lot more

COVID-19 and the music industry

The COVID had a troll on the Global economy but laid a huge positive impact in the music scene. The sit-at-home period exposed fans to real good music as they took their time during the quiet period to explore great music. The COVID period discovered and favored good talents, now you don’t have to shout to be a star and it boost the economy of the music industry as everything went digital, the streaming platforms became so popular. Also, that was the period digital concert became a norm, although we missed the physical concerts.

Inspirations for my music

A lot of people ask me this, but you know, this thing comes, it just comes and keeps coming, it’s talent, you can’t help it, even when I feel like I don’t wanna write, some dope vibe will just pop out my head, I’ll be like “damn” lol. I’m mostly inspired by trends, personal experiences or people’s story, when I want to make music.

My Ep “Sound of god” was simply inspired by my life experiences

Most stories on the EP are real stories. I took my fans by surprise as they have never heard me sing before. All the tracks are hit songs, as reviewers said, but track 7 is special to me as it reminds us about the Lekki crisis. I didn’t want it to be a fast song, really wanted it to hit differently. I wrote those lyrics from the inside, I spoke for the souls, I imagined the message they would have loved to pass if given a chance to speak to us again and I delivered it just as I was inspired and I’m overwhelmed with the response I’m getting.

I have been on the road since after dropping my EP

It’s been from one radio interview to another, and I’ve been doings gigs. I have upcoming plans for the fans, dropping soon. I preach love and hustle in my music and I will feel fulfilled when I see lives change through my music.

My love for orchestra sounds has helped me shape my music

My style is new so I’m gradually taking my time to introduce it while I still make Afro hip pop music, but I will call my style afrochestra music. Good music is spiritual, it’s original, it comes from within. That’s why most times fans express different emotions during concerts when good music comes on. Some music make you cry, reminisce or remind you of great moments, others come with strong messages. Good music hits differently, yes sometimes we drop club songs about girls, but in our album or EP we prove our talents, over there we give you some good message, like some tracks in my EP hit differently.

Producers and artistes I would love to work with and why

I have worked with some phenomenal producers like Elijah and Kayzbeat, then after I dropped Billionarie, Chris brown’s producer “Ke on the track” sent me some beats to work on and also admire PHEELZ, Don Baba and Sarz sound. I can’t wait for our session to happen. These giants think outside the box and will surely nail my style of music.

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