Komzee Unveils ‘Cosmic Wave’

Komzee is a seasoned artiste with genius exemplified in his sound and entire music sphere. His sound is the fusion of Afrobeat and Dancehall combining basic elements from both genres proportionally till it comes to life. This rare state of genius has been put together in his new project titled, Cosmic Wave.

Speaking about putting together his New EP he said, “I worked with a producer called Premium on this project. I tried a couple of other producers back at Cyprus but I wasn’t satisfied. After arriving in Nigeria about three months ago, I realised a known producer might not give me all his time and attention unlike someone that’s still very much fresh about his career goals in life. So, Premium produced my first ever track like over a decade ago after my secondary education and his talent since then till now can only get better as he is hardworking and creative. I linked up with him on arrival knowing that he would deliver and we made it happen with the massive opportunity given by Konvex.”

Cosmic Wave is basically all about Komzee’s experience for a period of time which brought about the rebirth of the star coming to the limelight, bringing out inspiration from other dimensions. From revealing some glimpses of reality and its truth cutting across heartbreaks, backstabs, the selections or better still choices we make that either end up favoring us or not, and how to do it right. This body of work is expected to serve nothing but seasoned quality music and embodies top class deliveries.

With the Cosmic Wave about hitting us, Komzee is super excited about the future and what it has in stock for him. Excitedly, he said, “I see myself dropping couple or more albums that would be bagging awards a decade straight. Yeah, I’m pretty confident when I say that, because my ambition is way on another level and I also want the brand “Komzee” everywhere even as it is a tiny little step but we are moving by God’s grace.”

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