Customs Evacuates 1,930 Smuggled Rice, Seizes N708m Contrabands

Customs Evacuates 1,930 Smuggled Rice, Seizes N708m Contrabands

Eromosele Abiodun

The Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has directed the Strike Force unit to invade warehouses and markets across the south-west for smuggled foreign rice and contrabands.

Speaking against the backdrop of the seizure of 1,930 bags of 50kg smuggled rice evacuated from various warehouses in Lagos and Ogun states, the coordinator, CGC’s Strike Force, Zone A, Lagos, Deputy Compt. Ahmadu Bello Shuaibu, said the directive was to boost the local production of rice in the country.

Shuaibu, who lamented the high rate of cargoes that are falsely declared as machineries in order to evade Customs duty and levy, said the unit generated N708 million in the last two weeks.

According to him, 1,227 rolls of chiffon textiles materials, 18 pallets of perfumes, cosmetics and bags, 2,064 cartons of electric bulbs as well as 1,810 cartons of alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines were all seized and will be forfeited to the federal government.

He added: “1,930 bags of 50kg of foreign parboiled rice in two weeks. This is to ensure that the country is rid of smuggled foreign parboiled rice as we have instructions of the Comptroller General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ali (rtd) that markets and warehouses of smugglers should be raided and smuggled rice evacuated.”

He stated further that due to the heat from the unit, smugglers have found it difficult to move smuggled foreign rice from the border in large quality but in batches through motorcycles also known as Okada but, we have restricted them and stopped their operations.”

Speaking on infraction, the strike force coordinator said: “We have various degrees of infractions on cargoes that were seized. Cargoes such as perfumes, non-alcoholic wines, electric bulbs, foot wears, bags and shoes that were falsely declared as machineries and washing machine.

“Perfumes, non-alcoholic wines, electric bulbs, textiles are dutiable but foreign foot wears, bags are banned because we have factories investing heavily and employing Nigerians to produce so, we must encourage them to do more and must not discourage them through importation of those items into the country.”
Shuaibu further stated that the falsely declared cargoes have been seized out rightly and would be forfeited to federal government.

“We are still appealing to our stakeholders that they should work hand in hand to ensure that proper declaration and they should join hands and change their habit.

“Perfume is dutiable but once it is falsely declared it is liable to seizure. Also, non-alcoholic wines are liable to seizure, we have factories that produces wines so, we should patronise them to boost the economy.

“Chiffon materials brought in as sealing machines when we have textiles companies all around the country closing down but, we will plead for genuine declaration and patriotism though, it was dutiable but because it was falsely declared, it remained seized,” he said.

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