VCH Announces Ichechi Okonkwo as New CEO

Sunday Ehigiator
The Deputy Managing Director of Nedcomoaks Groups, Ichechi Okonkwo has been announced as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Victoria Crest Homes (VCH), a subsidiary of Nedcomoaks.

This is coming as the company officially handed over and launched its Victoria Bay III Estate, located at Ikate-Lekki Phase I area of Lagos state, while also presenting a bus each to the state’s Ministry of Physical Planning, and the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

Making the announcement to journalists over the weekend, the Founder, Nedcomoaks Group, Dr. Kennedy Okonkwo, expressed confidence in Ichechi’s ability to pioneer the company’s affairs to achieve its set goals.

“Today I’m fully handing over the baton of leadership of Victoria Crest Homes to my Deputy Managing Director of the Nedcomoaks Groups. VCH is a company that formed on the premise to provide affordable housing schemes for Lagosians especially.
“Hence today, the mantle of leadership has been handed over to my partner and wife, Mrs Ichechi Okonkwo, to continue to move on with the vision, while I focus on strategic things aimed at expanding the portfolio of the group in itself.

“Today we are in the Energy sector, tourism sector, oil and gas, and we have a new one coming. I look forward to a time when we will bail the cat out of the bag, and then we can tell the members of the press what it is.
“And also, today is equally important to us due to the need to also encourage the Lagos State Government, the Ministry of Physical Planning, and also the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

“Because as we see, real estate has become an all-comers game, and there is a need to sanitise and regulate the industry. Hence, we are trying to encourage the ministries to forge with that responsibility in Lagos State, so that they can keep on doing what they are doing. So, today we are giving each of the two ministries, a brand-new bus,” he added.
Speaking on the newly launched estate, he said, about a year and half ago, the company launched what it called, “’Five Goodness’.

“In interpretation, it means we were going to do five different projects within the brand. And this project is aimed at making aspirational living affordable.
“We targeted to do about 1,000 units. While we finished the initial phases of the Victoria Bay Estates by early last year, Covid-19 came.
“In the advent of Covid-19, it was tough for many companies to cope, many companies decided to downsize, many companies were struggling with construction. As soon as the government started easing up sometimes in June, we said to ourselves that we weren’t going to change the timelines.

“This is because real estate provides massive employment. And real estate development and construction forms an integral part of the building process lost Covid-19. So, we fired up on all cylinders, and those projects that have timelines and due for delivery in December and January, we were able to wrap that up.
“Hence, today marks a major milestone in the honour of our company, as we are delivering 587 units of houses, spread across different locations. And the last of those sets is this project where we are, which I am very much passionate about. We called it Victoria Bay III,” he said.

On her part, Okonkwo said her focus would remain on the vision of VCH, which is to make aspirational living affordable.
“Standing from where our founder has started, mine is to make sure that all the set goals; which is making aspirational living affordable, and making sure that every individual who aspires to live and give their families a beautiful, convenient life, are not only met but surpassed.
“It is a tough call here in our nation Nigeria because statistics shows that, more than 22 million people are displaced, and our government is not doing so much to ensure that these figures are narrowed down,” she said.

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