Sanwo-Olu – Wish You Speedy Recovery

Sanwo-Olu – Wish You Speedy Recovery

Bro, kindly please take care of yourself o. The news of your testing positive hit me at Onigbongbo while I was eating afang with Ajanaku. I first thought it was fake news but after a bit, some serious media started carrying the thing. It is times like these that I miss my father because he would have come to give you enema.

You don’t know what enema is? Oh, it is Calabar people and Igbo people that used to do the thing. That is when they will boil hot water and put soap in it and it will be foaming and then they will pour it into one container and then there will be a pipe and the pipe will now be inserted in your bum and the hot water will now be passed into your system.

After it all, you will rush to the toilet to evacuate. It is a beautiful laxative that works wonders. My father (now late) used to swear by it. Anything that do you, na enema. I am sure if he was alive today, he would have been giving everybody the enema because he believed that for any treatment to be effective, you would just have to clear your system.

Anyway, I am just giving you a gist because even if you wanted to do the treatment, the issue will now be who will administer the enema. Is it the first lady or the Commissioner for Health, Prof. Abayomi? Whatever the case is my Lord, concentrate, and get well. I really do like you. See you when the thing turns negative. I have afang for you. But before then, no vex na social distancing. Get well, my lord.

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