Ibrahim Launches Mentorship for Young Entrepreneurs

Ibrahim Launches Mentorship for Young Entrepreneurs

The Chief Executive Officer of Novarick Homes, Noah Ibrahim has announced the launch of a mentorship programme to help young entrepreneurs gain the right leadership skills needed in building successful startups in a challenging business environment.

According to Ibrahim, the mentorship programme is birthed from his profound interest in enhancing the capacity of young entrepreneurs and business owners in understanding and overcoming the numerous challenges faced with starting and building a successful business in Nigeria. He also stated that the mentorship opportunity is opened to young professionals that may have lost their jobs from the unpleasant effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses, and are considering a full transition into Entrepreneurship.

“We discover new things in life every moment and we would always have something to teach. Knowledge is the most valuable gift I can pass on to the younger generation and I am looking to connect experienced leaders and mentors with young aspiring entrepreneurs who are willing and ready to learn what it takes to build, scale and manage successful businesses in a challenging economy. I have handpicked great business professionals and successful leaders to act as mentors, together we hope to share our wealth of knowledge, skills, learnings, networks, and connections with the mentees over a period as well as help them address the biggest challenges they face in their organisations or in their transition to entrepreneurship,” Noah stated.

He also shared his reasons for setting up the initiative, stating “A moment of mentorship can lead to a lifetime impact. It was only 3 years ago that I was a young aspiring entrepreneur bootstrapping my third company after 2 failed attempts, I will always be grateful to my mentors in the persons of Mr. Hakeem Bakare of Platon Morgan holdings and Mr. Kennedy Okonkwo of Victoria Crest Homes who were there to advise and educate me when I experienced various setbacks at the early stages of building Novarick Homes.

“I want to create this same opportunity for others that might find themselves in similar situations; Young entrepreneurs who have great business ideas and plan to achieve business success but do not know where to begin, those that need guidance in the right direction or the right set of funding or network connections to kickstart their businesses” Noah Stated.

The mentorship programme is expected to kick off in January 202, with registration running through December 2020.

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