Hope is Not Just A Song Hope Is A Prophetic Message – MORIEN


In this report, Ugo Aliogo writes on Etins Records Frontline act Chike Ajah

The ETINS RECORDS frontline act Christopher Chiké Ajah professionally known as MORIEN stated that his next single ‘HOPE’ is not just a song, but a prophetic message that is speaking the mind of the 80million Nigerian youths and that of every single soul across the world and more so the recent peaceful protest and movement by the Nigerian youths portrayed a leadership symbol and we deserve a better Nigeria. Generally, life has not been fair on many and this song is to ease every single soul out there who has been in one way or the other tired of trying, Saying there’s always light at the end of every tunnel let’s keep our “HOPE” alive

MORIEN is known for several hit and inspirational songs and this has positioned him in the right place among his contemporaries especially after he released his debut ep “MORIEN EP” in 2019

Unveiling his new single titled “HOPE” with simple yet irresistible soulful and RnB Rhythms. MORIEN promised us a great sound and well we know he never go wrong on his sounds which has put him firmly shoulder to shoulder with his contemporaries

It is right for me to say the Nigerian music and in the diaspora is blessed to have MORIEN and he’s the next big thing.