CWG Expands Offerings for HMOs with HealthExchange Platform


As part of its vision to enable businesses across Nigeria and other African countries where it has its operations, CWG Plc is currently leveraging on technology to expand the offerings for Health Management Organisations (HMOs) with its HealthExchange platform.

CWG explained that the HealthExchange platform connects all health entities under one platformranging from HMOs, hospitals, corporate organizations, organization employees, private enrollees and suppliers of medical services or products.

Giving an overview of the solution in Lagos, Head of Software and Innovations at CWG Plc, Francis Okechukwu, informed that all that is required to get the full benefits of the HealthExchange platform is for HMOs to sign up so they can solely focus on their primary operations, leaving the technical concerns to CWG Plc.

“HealthExchange platform handles all HMO processes, enrollment of enrollees, product and plan management, tariff management, capitation and fee for service, treatment management (online and offline), claims handling and fund disbursement, notification and reminders, CRM, and many more features,” Okechukwu said. He added that the solution was developed as a way of promoting local content in Information Technology (IT) solutions.

He also explained that HealthExchange is a health management information system (HMIS) used by HMOs to maintain subscribed enrollees and manage their operations. According to him, all HMOs need to do is simply register on the website ( and onboard their providers or hospitals, corporate organizations or private enrollees and dependents.

The HealthExchange leverages IBM infrastructure and ensures that the global best practices and certifications are adhered to. The use of data encryption patterns in mitigating hackers that mightwant to hijack information transmission is also guaranteed with privacy terms available to the public to review before they register on the website.