Hyde Energy Unveils New Auto Lubricants


Peter Uzoho

Hyde Energy Limited has unveiled new range of automotive lubricant products as part of the ongoing efforts to further expand its footprints in Nigeria.
The Hyde Energy range of lubricants launched at the virtual stakeholders’ forum recently cuts across synthetic, multi-grade and mono-grade oils to industrial oils and greases, were formulated and blended to the highest standards to meet the needs of consumers across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The consumers would use the new brand of Hyde Energy lubricants for their industrial and transport machines including but not limited to petrol and light diesel engines, industrial and heavy-duty diesel engines and special purpose engines.

Speaking at the launch, the Chief Executive Officer of Hyde Energy, Mr. Oladimeji Edwards, said unveiling the new range of lubricants was in line with, “our vision to enrich customer experience, we commenced operations with a view to ensuring quality and excellence in the products and service delivery we provide to all stakeholders”.

He said Hyde Energy was established in 2012 as an indigenous global petroleum company to meet the growing energy needs of Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

According to him “We have now expanded our portfolio and network to ensure we are providing revolutionary solutions and creating value throughout the oil and petroleum products value chain as we provide energy to keep you going from one day to the next.”

Also speaking, the Regional Sales Manager and Head of Lubricants, Hyde Energy, Mr. Victor Nwakaku, said product and service offerings at Hyde Energy were designed based on the company’s deep understanding of the costumers and operating environment.

He further said: “At Hyde Energy, we have a strong belief that using the right lubricant is a vital element in auto care. This is why we have devoted our time, expertise and innovation to creating a high quality range of lubricants suitable for all kinds of petrol and diesel automobile engines.

“These lubricants are manufactured under the highest quality conditions using materials that meet global standards. We are confident in introducing the newly launched Luminor and Maximus series to the market, because they were conceived as industry solutions which will guarantee optimum engine performance.”

The Luminor product range is a passenger car motor oil, while the Maximus range is a heavy-duty diesel engine oil, which both feature a series of grades and are packaged in 1litre, 4litre, 5litre and 25litre dark grey, uniquely shaped containers with special safety and tamper-proof features to ensure product quality throughout distribution.

The range of Hyde lubricants is carefully formulated to serve numerous benefits including reducing friction and wear, enhancing protection for the machine, keeping temperatures low to reduce the risk of heat-related damage to the machine, improving engine life span, efficiency and reliability culminating in significant cost reduction.

The Luminor ZS9 which is at the zenith of the Luminor series was the product in focus at the forum. Being a fully synthetic engine oil with the most advanced protection for all modern engines, the Luminor ZS9 with its prolonged drainage intervals, (lasts three times longer), allows the machine to perform effectively for over 18,000 km resulting in massive cost savings for the customers.