De Joe : Real Estate Survived Covid-19 Without Intervention

Iloduba Tochukwu Joemartins

As the world gradually recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic, the real estate sector is an area of the economy that government seemingly paid little attention to. The neglect, however, did not impede the sector from running smoothly, according to Iloduba Tochukwu Joemartins, Chief Executive Officer of Joe Best Estate Development and Property Limited.

De Joe, as he is popularly known had a few things to say as regards the state of things sharing , “Opinions by some critics that the sector would not be affected by the pandemic is probably the reason government pays little or no attention to the sector and luckily enough, the real estate business has been running smoothly. It is not as if the real estate sector in Nigeria is immune to the global crises brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, but rather, the sector has grown stronger because stakeholders have become more pragmatic in their projects in the past few years.”

He added: “For instance, While real estate has its challenges in Nigeria as it does anywhere in the world, I provide the right living conditions and that has helped me to stay ahead of the curve.”

On how the sector can continue to brave the odds during this season of anomie brought about by the Coronavirus, De Joe avowed that estate and property developers have to face the challenges of the time and added that, “It is necessary that we accept the change in the world, but more importantly, be strategic and creative in planning. Real estate requires patience and hard work; if you are honest and careful in your planning, success will certainly not elude you.”