Loud Whispers with Joseph Edgar

You know I can look for trouble… That is why I wrote a piece on African Capitalism and the need for Uncle Tony Elumelu to forget about Africa and come back to Ughelli, Abraka, Kano, Uyo and Abakiliki. You cannot be running around Africa when your backyard is burning especially when your efforts are not being appreciated on the continent.

See what Ghana is doing to our boys, see the way South Africans are killing our people, see even Kenya is vexing that Access Bank came in and then our own champion is shouting Africa is in your hands and throwing $100m into a continent that tomorrow will strip search him when he comes down from his private jet in Lusaka. See the inferiority complex that is doing this Ghanaians, they are a small tiny country with ugly women. Yes, I said it.

If you see me in your country again, cut my balls. Me I respect myself well o. When US cancel my visa, did you see me near the place again? When we start acting with pride, all this rubbish will stop. Do I even blame them because they build one airport Tuface go there go do video, Uncle Dele Momodu will be singing their praises like the place fine like Vienna? Why won’t they with their funny accent try themselves? See Ghana o, Ghana o that we use to underprice their ashewo in Shomolu. I am so angry that even this tiny people can even dare us. Shebi it is not their fault, it is in the Bible that says you can only go to a strongman’s house and pillage when the man is not at home. Our strongman is not at home, he has not been at home since 2015. Our house is empty. Ghana! Kai I dey cry. Ghana!