You see this brother has made a small name from his tiny cubicle criticizing the big men of God especially the Lagos/Ibadan axis ones. Me I have supported him in that campaign because if you ask me the greatest locust in the land, na those ones.

But today is not for them. I was shocked when this brother flew to Dubai to engage in a soiree with the now arrested alleged internet fraudster called Hushpupii. I was weak, what is Pastor Freeze doing there, I screamed. He came out with stories after eating and drinking things he has never drunk in his life. He had just finished spending time with Angel Michael, well his right. But coming out to try to justify that visit and friendship on the back of the arrest is to say the least ‘stupid’. Please pardon me.

I listened to him on his social media handle spewing all sorts of lame excuses for his poor judgement and forgot to be angry. This man must really think it is fufu we all have in our brains. The arrogance of it all is really nauseating. My brother, please just run back into your corner, you have missed this one. Ndiceme – only Ibibio people will know the meaning of that.