Joseph Walters: One Audition Could Change Your Life

Joseph Walters

As an American-based Nigerian seasoned fashion-forward model, Joseph Walters has learned over time the rudiments of the modelling industry. The 26-year-old dark skinned model, born Otitoju Joseph Babalola, shares his experience as per the route he took to actualize his dream of becoming a top global brand while emphasizing on the importance of sticking to one plan.

He shares, “I don’t believe in a Plan B. Know what you want and go for it, plain and simple. That is why I would always advice young people who desire to be where I am today to first of all, know what they want. It won’t be easy, but if you make sacrifices and believe in yourself, it can definitely be achieved.”

Joseph Walters had his tertiary education at UT Arlington North Texas and went on becoming one of the most sought after models in USA by paying the prize for success. He noted that, “I had to sacrifice a lot to be where I am now. Modelling takes a lot of time and dedication so my social life definitely was affected as a young man in my twenties. When I look back, it was not easy but well worth it. To aspiring models don’t miss any auditions because that could be the one audition that could change your life.”

Asked who inspires him in the industry, Walters is quick to gush over his love and respect for timeless supermodels, Naomi Campbell especially, he mentioned that, “Since I was a young boy I have always admired her because her style is so creative. She can never do any wrong in my eyes whether it be a print shoot or runway. She is a fashion icon and has won many awards along having worked with top brands in the fashion industry all over the world. After more than 30 years in the industry she is still going strong and has redefined what it means to be a supermodel.”