Kristen Dawodu: How Social Media Helped Me Succeed as an Entertainer

Kristen Dawodu

Kristen Dawodu

Kristen Dawodu, a serial entertainer and social media influencer, has laid emphasis on the effect of social media and how it has helped him as an entertainer.

Speaking on Social Media, he said, “The use of social media has both negative and positive impact on our youths today. I aim to bring to light its impact, specifically to the youths and how it has always favoured my career.

“Despite the negative and positive potentials of social media, as youths, we should aim at using it positively to uplift ourselves and our chosen career paths. Additionally, youths can create pages and groups on various platforms based on their professions, just like I started my online chat groups and charity. I started with the use of social media, it takes me through many dimensions of life and has led to more connections being built and more opportunities being opened for my career an all-round entertainer.”

Furthermore, he stressed that nobody told him about the idea of using social media to level up his entertainment career, as it was a decision he made himself, which he has never regretted.

He added, “The long hours spent online can be channelled to productive activities that can enable one earn a living or even acquire education, for instance through online tutorials and make good use of online research materials.”

He concluded by suggesting that the education curriculum should be revised so that it could include social media studies in its content so as to educate students on the use of social media.

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