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The Lion and Liquid Metal

The Lion and Liquid Metal

LOUD WHISPERS with Joseph Edgar

The so-called Pentecostal pastors with their huge camps lining the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway would be green with envy.

Christianity is now show business. Always has been with its promoters doing all they can to attract concertgoers who fool themselves, believing that they are adherents. Driven by the desire to rake in tithes, these pastors carry on with fake miracles, fake proclamations and services that would make promoters of Nigeria’s seedy Strip Clubs rue their competition. But they would never have contended with the light-skinned midget that has come out of Anambra screaming in very bad English that he is the Lion.

Illiterate Lion who goes with so many monikers like Liquid Metal has just turned Christianity on its head, pushing Jesus Christ to his last temptation. His services are a mix of wrestling, nightlife dancing, poorly orchestrated Nollywood scripts, badly delivered sermons and a platform for men of the underworld to display ill-gotten wealth all in the name of Christ. This Jesus has suffered. So what is the difference between this Lion and the Lions that litter the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and all over the country with sweet-smelling suits and who speak Queens English? The Lion of Anambra and the Indaboski is a little bit better than his sophisticated colleagues in the fact that he does not take tithes but instead showers his people with money. Unlike his senior cousins who take tithes to build schools that effectively push away the tithe payers, the ‘I am that I am’ dishes out, hence his huge popularity. The Lion does not lie that he is the Servant of any God but that he himself is the Lion, believe him or not is your business. He has said his own. So you see the shame that is today’s Christianity in Nigeria but who am I to fight the Lord’s battle. Let him fight his battle as for me, I really do need more snails in my Afang.

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