Covid-19: ITHIEL Partners Delivers Test Kits

Ithiel Partners one of the two marketing companies appointed by their British partners, is pleased to announce they have been authorised to distribute Rapid Antigen tests in the Nigerian market. The product, produced in South Korea is already been approved and used by various national governments including Malaysia, The UK and a few other countries.

The four advantages are the functionality (detects current infection), the rapidity (30 minutes to get a result), simplicity (no need for additional equipment) and the accuracy.

In a Press release, Mr Mohammed Hameed the Chairman of Ithiel Partners stated that his firm is supplying this key essential item in the war against the marauding Virus which has till date infected millions worldwide and cause thousands of death at near cost as its own contributions to the efforts at flattening the curve. He continued by stating that, ‘ Indeed we have 750,000 arriving this week and a significant part of the proceeds will go into reordering more. Without a healthy Nigeria, we all have a lot to lose.’

Ithiel Partners is a Nigerian owned Uk based Medical supply and logistics firm with international certification to operate globally.

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