Women in Energy Network Supports Fight against COVID-19

The Women in Energy Network (WIEN), a non-profit organisation, has promised its readiness to donate test kits and lab equipment as well as boost the testing capabilities of government, aimed at combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

The President of the group and Managing Director Zigma Oil and Gas and Women in Energy Network, Mrs. Funmi Ogbue, in a statement, commended the Nigerian National Petroleum .

Corporation (NNPC) and the entire oil and gas Industry for throwing their weight behind the federal government to combat the pandemic.

She said the intervention by the sector in addition to regular social investments through various Community Social Responsibility (CSR) projects the NNPC partners, local and international, have continued to implement, were in support of the national effort against the pandemic.

Ogbue said its members through their individual companies are making donations in consignments of medical consumables, logistics facilities as well as providing free food items.

She added that Zigma Oil and Gas has been working on supplying medical equipment and doing advocacy for ‘clean hands’, adding.

“In these difficult times, my sincere hope is that our WIEN community and the country at large, is safe and healthy and remains so, as we move through COVID-19, low oil prices, and other present difficulties.”

WIEN and its members, she said, are doing a lot collectively and individually to join hands with NNPC and the Nigerian government to deal with COVID-19 adding that it.is working to adapt to the current environment and to find ways to serve and benefit members now and in the ‘new normal’ as it emerges.

” We would encourage all women and women-group to do same. This is not the time to lag behind as all hands need to be on deck to deal with this as a country.”
The President said, it was working on hosting webinars and providing educational opportunities for its members and the general public.

“Through the hosting of virtual events, WIEN hopes to continue providing members and the general public with networking, educational, and leadership opportunities at this time when most of us are at home. As majority of the world’s
children are currently out of school because of COVID-19. Our intervention also provides for continuing with the education of children and the youth as the impact of the current situation is expected to be widespread and devastating, particularly for women
and girls.”

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