Sports Development, Peace Bond for World Unity, Says Oghomienor

As the sporting world during the week marked the day for Sports Development and Peace in low key to flow with the universal mood of the times, many stakeholders, though commending the proactive and smart approach of various sports associations and bodies across the world to tame the recent global health challenge, use the opportunity to call on good spirited individuals, organisations and government to look inward, drive innovation, create enabling and supporting technological environment, inspire individual industry, encourage and support sound research projects, develop and put in place sustainable structures that will ginger effective development and endurable peace, believe to be the bond of love and unity of the entire human community.

One of the stakeholders, Leslie Oghomienor, a frontline sports administrator and the promoter of the elite Barca Academy Group Nigeria, at a teleconference stakeholders roundtable meeting said research statistics have shown that, countries with high GDPs and viable economic indices are nations with high education, health and development index.

He further stated that many countries are not affected, and are enjoying evenly spread development, sound national health, relative internal peace, progress and unity. These communities abound across the world. Many strongly believe that, Nigeria has, in all its ramifications, what it takes to be a humane superpower. The national leadership and the full cooperation of those who at the front of the crisis shows that as a nation we have the capacity in all departments of human endeavours to excellently excel.

“For us in our organisation, we are driven by innovation that swings on the hinges of true human charity and spirit, grassroots sports development and youth development and re-orientation. Our sustaining mantra is, we excellently can, and with the help of God and you all our esteemed stakeholders we try to be the best we can.

Keep par with global trends, without the breaching of our vision to help others live their dream. Like now, among other things we are doing, the Academy is sending our children exercises to do at home during this period. And we appeal to parents to give them their support during this off the field break and beyond. And from the pushing forward of so many global and local sporting activities and events, shows its positive impact on humanity as a whole. And the trends has shown that, sports is a good engineer for development, peace and unity,” Oghomienor said.

In addition, Oghomienor, revealed that the period avail parents, especially men with the opportunity to be fully involved in the academics, sports exercises, training and the upbringing of the children. Checking the children academic work, encouraging and helping during their exercise periods, paying attention to their interests, sharing in their challenges where there is any. Doing simple press-ups and other forms of exercise help strengthen the human body. Knowing full well that, a healthy, peaceful and united family is a strong bond and pillar for a developed, peaceful and progressively functional and united society.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for parents especially men, who strive to provide for their family to make up, by strengthening the bond of love and family, which we believe is the most reliable anchor for a loving and peaceful world where we are all stakeholders. You can see it is obvious that this April, we are not going for our annual Barca Academy World tournament, which our children won a trophy in the last outing. We are very well prepared, we are looking forward to winning more laurels. What is affecting Spain, is touching us here, because humanity is one. In the Barca Academy worldwide children are taught to see themselves as one family. Thus, every child in the system knows that playing a game is not all about winning, and so is the human life,” he explained.

He stressed the need and the importance of all stakeholders to make a considerable effort to pay attention to government directives, and continue to work assiduously in their own little way to bring health, development and peace to the world in the soonest possible time, so that all nations can strive in their best.

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