Lagos Assembly Sets Up Committee over Suspended Members


Eddie Alegbe

The Lagos State House of Assembly has set up a committee, headed by Hon. Ibrahim Layode (Badagry Constituency 1) to look into the matter surrounding the suspension of some members.

Announcing this decision after a parliamentary meeting of the lawmakers on Thursday evening, Chairman of the House Committee on Information, Publicity, Strategy and Security, Hon. Tunde Braimoh, stated that conflicts were inherent part of human nature and that when they come, there were mechanisms to resolve them.

“Those who are being reprimanded are our colleagues, they are not outcasts, and we belong to the same political party.

“We are mindful that the image of the House is at stake and we want to tell you that the people affected are not outcasts, they are our colleagues.

“The committee headed by Hon. Ibrahim Layode is looking at the amicable solution to the matter.

“All the issues about offices, access and others would be addressed by the committee,” he said.

Braimoh added at the briefing, which was witnessed by most members of the House, including the Speaker and other Principal Officers that the way the two suspended principal officers were replaced was done normally.

He stated that the only two offices that were constitutionally recognised were those of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker, and that others were done in-house.

“They are nothing to worry about, they were done accordingly. All that we did were done according to Order 10 Rules 68 to 72 of the Business Rules of the House.

“We are in the process of conflict resolution. We don’t want to talk about what constitute gross insubordination and indiscipline.

“All the negativity that they are spreading about is exaggerated. “There would be conflict and this is part of any society. That does not mean there is a sharp division or there is break down of law and order in the House,” he said.

He added that in law, it is believed that the fact of a matter speaks for itself, and that all was well with the Lagos State House of Assembly.

“The Speaker is here, the Deputy Speaker is here, all the Principal officers are here and all the other lawmakers are here, apart from those that have other things to do and those that are under suspension that are not here.

“There is no problem that is beyond solution. It is just that when things are working there could be some disagreement here and there, that does not mean that we will go for the jugular,” he said.

Also speaking, the new Deputy Majority Leader of the House, Hon. Noheem Adams said that his emergence as the Deputy Majority Leader of the House was based on the decision of the House, and that he was not desperate to be the Deputy Majority Leader.

The new Chief Whip of the Assembly, Hon. Mojisola Miranda stated that the House is one big family, and that there was no quarrel amongst the lawmakers.

She added that she was not desperate for the office and that it was a call to service.