Dino Melaye on Spending Spree…

Dino Melaye

Acquires More State-of-the-Art Cars
Dino Melaye is a name known to most people. Since he rose to the ranks of high Nigerian society and polity, Melaye has claimed his spot on the playing field, sometimes running with the leonine grace of a footballer striker, other times standing with the stiff stamina of tempered elephant. And Melaye has been contrasted with the fierceness and cunning of wild animals than anyone else in the Nigerian scene.

Born in Kaduna in ’74, the 45-year old Dino Melaye is a native of Western Kogi. Like several other aspects of his life, his formal education is a controversy that is not so easily unravelled. Be that as it may, the dude was sound enough to emerge as a Senator of Kogi West Senatorial district under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Although deposed from the Senate, Melaye has continued to leave trails of his presence in the social scene, either starring in a scandalous gossip where a popular authority figure is undermined, or hosting a party from coffers that are supposed to be nearly empty with all his prodigal spending – but is nowhere close.

Perhaps his preferred mode of expressing his wealth and style are in the quality of cars he buys. Melaye is notable for owning the best cars available, expensive, sleek and fast autos the likes of which should not be driven in semi-tarred, bumpy roads. Among his well-known collections are a Bugatti Veyron, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Polaris Slingshot, a classic Rolls Royce, and several more. It is not even certain the number of cars the dude owns, but it is certain that none of them are cheap stuff.

Very recently, Melaye was credited with purchasing 2 bulletproof cars (a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon Limousine and a Toyota Land Cruiser) and a 1977 vintage corvette, all worth 726 million. Several people had a bit to say about this expenditure, and so did Melaye.
Never failing to return a poke with a stunning haymaker, Melaye is reported to have remarked that while others spend their money on cocaine and homosexuals, he spends his on cars. Well, how does one refute that logic? Fast money and fast cars.

Aftermath of losing His Seat at the National Assembly to Senator Olujimi…Sacked Senator, Dayo Adeyeye Cut Ties with Governor Kayode Fayemi
Does it still need reiterating that politics is not for the faint of heart, or that the game of ideologies run deeper than the single individual and therefore outclasses relationships, whether filial, platonic or otherwise. This properly considered, it should not come as a surprise that the rumour that Senator Dayo Adeyeye has cut ties with Governor Kayode Fayemi is growing fatter and fatter on a daily basis.

Folks have had a lot to say on the matter of Politician Adedayo Clement Adeyeye’s loss of the Ekiti South senatorial district seat to Mrs. Biodun Olujimi of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Most have pointed out that the man has had a most interesting run in the political arena, much of which revolved around compound losses and defeats. A bit too harsh, yes, but the man is credited with being the only one of his clique who has not been able to snag a senatorial seat for himself since 1999.

Other than Adeyeye’s loss to Olujimi – having only sat there for a few weeks, something else was apparently crushed as a result: Adeyeye’s relationship with the current Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi.
According to media bees who are close to the action, Adeyeye has severed all the ties that bound him to Fayemi, and this premeditated termination is coming on the heels of his loss. Alleged this titbit is, Fayemi in no small way made it even more robust when he congratulated Olujimi, rather than – as some others would probably have done – support his APC fellowman and flay Olujimi. Fayemi, ever the liberal, allegedly reminded Olujimi of the point of the whole thing, which is the interest of the state and its people.

Fayemi, on his own, is reported as stating that the loss was both shocking and painful, especially after a vigorous campaign process. He further sympathised with Adeyeye and asked him to keep calm and not abandon the political profession or public service.
In any case, Adeyeye’s alleged response to this admonishment was to wave goodbye to Fayemi with one finger. Perhaps a change of colours is the next course of action. But as that did not work the first time, perhaps no.