Russel Smith Chairman, Leslie Oghomienor, Visits Tunnel of God Hope

Mary Nnah

One of the primary principle and traits of legendary leadership is the individual’s involved honest commitment and devotion, and above all, the resilient engagement of the help of the Supreme Being through a well as thought out spiritual retreat.

This is done mostly at the beginning of a new year by individuals and corporate organisations in order to the chart a visionary course for the year.

Aligning with this leadership principle, Chairman, Russel Smith Group Nigeria, Leslie Oghomienor, during the week, decided to embark on a one day special personal retreat at the Tunnel of Good Hope, in the heart of the premises of Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School, Idimu, Lagos.

The organisation was founded in 1990, by a very committed Jesuit priest, Fr. Francis Cusimano, SJ as a non-profit co-educational body, sponsored and run by North-West African Province of the Society of Jesus (a Roman Catholic Religious Order).

The six-acre land span with the facility was donated to the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos by the Olorunfunmi Royal Muslim family of Idimu, which though practice a different faith, has a very high regard for Catholic education and formation.

This discovery inspired and motivated Leslie Oghomienor’s choice of his retreat venue, after seeing a documentary of the institution on TV.

The overwhelmed Oghomienor was received on arrival by Rev. Fr. Maduabuchi Leo Mouneme, S.J the Sole Administrator of the facility, who was highly elated to have such a respectable leader come all the way from a very high brow urban area VGC, with the stress of a very unfriendly Lagos traffic to be with them.

After a few hours deep reflection from the over 1200 – capacity modern chapel facility, Oghomienor went on a tour of the facility guided by the chief host, Rev. Fr. Mouneme.

The places visited include, the Fountain of Faith, Fountain of the Last Supper, Jesuit Leadership Amphitheater, Arts Galary, the Salon, the Multi-purpose bakery, the Solar Energy Station and lastly the Tunnel of Good Hope.

Every relic or written words, found anywhere in the tunnel gives the individual participant undoubted hope of greatness and a good future if not best.

Oghomienor, a stickler for excellence, character and quality humanitarian service was so impressed that his visit was truly experiential.

On this discovery, Oghomienor, believes that if other informative institutions are selflessly committed in moulding and bringing up children from very young age to know that, that he or she has a personal responsibility to contribute to the building of a better, loving and peaceful society driven by one vision and unity, with high respect for the sanctity of life, the world will be happier for it.

“Every child has the potential to not only soar but very high like the eagle. Thus, in whatever capacity we can help a child, we should help,” he said.

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