Lagos Group Warns against Violent Protest


A pro-democracy organization, Movement for a Better Lagos yesterday cautioned protesters against the restrictions placed on commercial motorcycles and tricycles from certain major highways and bridges in Lagos.

However, the movement urged all affected interests across the state to comply with the directive of the state government, saying the state governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu restricted commercial operations of motorcycles and tricycles in public interest
The leader of the movement, Mr. Ukudina Ibrahim made the appeal in a statement yesterday, asking all the operatives of commercial motorcycles and tricycles to show some understandings and cooperate with the state government.

Ibrahim commended the security personnel for handling the situation with maturity and high sense of professionalism just as he admonished them to shun over zealousness in their duties over the matter so as not to let the people misconstrue the good intention of the government.

According to him, the restriction was neither punitive nor an act of wickedness but rather, good development to safeguard the wellbeing of the citizenry and their property, pointing out that the step would reduce drastically avoidable deaths and unnecessary injuries on the highways.

He said that the restriction law was not a new one but revival of an old existing law in the state.
Ibrahim stated that, Babajide Sanwo-Olu was just enforcing the law for safety of lives, property and to curb acts of criminality.

“Although we admit that the restricted means of public transportation do add values to our lives as a people, their disadvantages outweigh their benefits,” the group leader asserted, stressing that, their involvement in series of accidents that had led to untimely deaths and several cases amputation of limps cannot be overlooked.

The youth leader, who appealed to the people to be calm enthused that they would be better for it at the end of the day, urging them to bear with the government by enduring the temporary pains that would soon lead to gains.

The result of the government action would soon start to manifest through reduction in the rate of accidents, rate of crime and rate of avoidable deaths.

Ibrahim also praised Sanwo-Olu’s administration for flooding the street with additional buses to cushion the effect of the restriction on the people, pointing out that, those crude means of public transportation are not good for a Mega City like Lagos.