Nwadiogbu Kicks Off Design Masterclass Series 

BY Tosin Clegg

Ikechukwu is an economy of creativity, which is evident in his rich knowledge of creative designing and works, which have since inception on his part to creativity grown him to designing master pieces and images for brands, persons, corporate bodies and more.

He recently decided to start a Master Class on Designs where participants were enriched with the knowledge, skills and thinking power to creativity. Speaking on his Master Class, he had this to say: “I came up with this idea because I believe everyone is a creative and anyone can design because it’s based on a few elements and principles. Second reason I went into this is because there is an endless needs of graphic designers in the works today especially in this era of social media.”

For Ikechuckwu, he strives for an age where everyone becomes creatively aware of their environment and all that’s going on around. As life itself is based on visuals which relates to the perception in which everyone sees things.

On becoming a good graphics designer, Ikechukwu shared: “A good graphics designer should be about communicating just like I had shared in the class with the participants.

Focusing on how can I communicate what am doing effectively just like seeing a sign on the road that says stop you can’t mistaken it for go.

That’s the essence of being a graphics designer to communicate effectively and what shouldn’t be done is trying to push out one’s creativity forgetting the message intended to pass with the design. When you understand your audience you would know how best to make your works pass the intended messages.”

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