DJ Expression Set to Transform Music Industry with Expressive Fusion

Rebecca Ejifoma

A new DJ on the block, Peter Okeke Okodugha Jr, also known as DJ Expression has finally come downtown to thrill and spin music enthusiasts with the finest fusions of both foreign and local beats ever heard, transforming Nigeria’s DJ/music industry and captivating the soul.

In a media briefing held in Lagos, DJ Expression shared his inspiration for music and his intangible quest for the DJ/music industry.

“My music style is very diverse. I infuse AfroBeats with different genres such as kompa, soca, and reggae among others. I love music and listen to all kinds of imaginable sounds.”

Now, with the sporadic increase in the number of DJs in the country, he is unfazed, and has refused to go down swinging.

However, DJ Expression is not your typical DJ next door. He is carving a niche for himself with his positive expressions. “I don’t compete, and I don’t plan on doing so. I express not Impress”.

Although DJing was never and is not something he has considered a business, the artiste described the craft as a way to express himself when words cannot.

For him, it’s all about his fingers, mind, dexterity. “I am more than just a DJ. I have creativity. I possess an impeccable technique in diverse musical background and production”.

He told media men he got his first equipment in 2005 using funds meant to pay for his school fees. “Though risky and an action I would never advise any to explore, I look back without regrets”.

DJ Expression has one expertism – music. “I was so passionate about music and as a young dancer who made mixes for my dance crew and several others, I sort of got my inspiration from music itself”.

He broke out of his shell. “My personality as an individual used to be a challenge. I have always been an introvert; thus, most people felt threatened at the fact that they could really figure me out. But with time, I opened up more and didn’t just let my music do the talking.”

Just like any field, preparation is apt. “I always prepare before any set. However, on the given day you always have to be ready for any unforeseen circumstances”.

With a DJ Expression in the hall, slow and steady grapples the heart. “I always start slow to understand and read my crowd, slowly building up the energy where I get them pumped up. At the point of climax, anything goes. I have the heart of my audience moving to the beat of my music”.

Indeed, DJ Expression does not only connect emotionally with his teeming audience, but also feels and intertwines

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