Silky Olutosin Araromi at Miss Universe

Silky Olutosin Araromi at Miss Universe

Olutosin Itohan Araromi who represented Nigeria at the Miss Universe 2019 concluded last Sunday in the United States won the hearts of many with her free spirit. She also made the distinguished “Club 20” at the event. Ferdinand Ekechukwu reports

Nigeria’s Olutosin Araromi no doubt may not have won the just concluded Miss Universe 2019 crown, but she did win the hearts of millions of viewers of the prestigious pageant when she celebrated the newly crowned Miss South Africa, Zozibini Tunzi. Sweet heart Olutosin did not fake this. Her reaction to Zozi’s crowning was laudable and probably one of the sweetest and hair-raising moments. The Miss Universe Nigeria became the talk on social media as she was seen cheering the new Miss Universe while she was crowned queen.

Barely few hours before the commencement of the competition on Sunday, December 8, Olutosin posted: “Dreams really do come true!”. She was ecstatic as the preliminary stage of the competition opened. For her at that moment, she owes it a lot to so many people for the experience of making it to the grand stage, as she would add. “I pray to make you all proud!”

Continuing, the appreciative mind further requested, “And please don’t wish me luck; wish me good favour in the eyes of the judges and the organisation. I pray they see the motivated, ambitious, and goal driven woman I am.” A Montclair State University, U.S.A, graduate, Olutosin for so long had dreamt of that day, and thus was so honoured and blessed to be representing the giant of Africa at the world’s most prestigious pageant. A total vibe, she did, indeed, made Nigeria proud at representing the country on the global stage. And that would unfold in a moment.

Interestingly, she had noted: “No matter what happens tonight, I hope I have made my country proud, my family and friends proud and for sure I know my mom is sooo proud! Again thank you to everyone on my team, my sponsors, and to those who have contributed to my #roadtomissuniverse journey. I’m forever grateful!”

MBGN Universe, Olutosin gave her best on the runway, confidently during stage performances. She majestically struts in her swimsuit and evening gown. She was believable when she was asked to say something. No wonder she made the prestigious list of last 20 queens standing on the eventful night.
Eventually, when the announcement was made, South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi was crowned the Miss Universe 2019. A lot of people were excited. From the South Africans in the audience to Zozi’s parents who beamed with pride in their traditional attire. However, one person who caught the eye of many was Olutosin, a free spirit girl. She trended instantaneously during the live event. Olutosin, who contested for the coveted crown, couldn’t hold back her excitement that a fellow African sister had won the crown. She was captured genuinely celebrating Miss South Africa after her win. The Nigerian beauty made sure to move everyone who was in her way on stage to get to her bestie and roommate, Zozi.

When she finally got next to her, Zozi turned to her and the two beauty queens exchanged words of affirmation. At some point, Olutosin was captured cheering the new Miss Universe as she gave her thumbs up and huge smiles and encouraged her to enjoy the moment as her fellow African sister. The support was overwhelming. The two’s friendship kick started on the very first day they met. Zozi had posted a video taken by Olutosin, joking about how happy she was that the first runner-up at the MBGN 2019 (Olutosin) finally arrived so she can have someone to take pictures of her.

Despite the news of Xenophia and the rift between Nigeria and South Africa, Olutosin was evidently truly happy for Miss South Africa as she smiled excitedly. Many say she is the kind of friend everyone deserves to have in their corner. While others say she is the real most valuable feminist type. She also took a step further to appreciate the beauty queen on her Insta stories. “My beautiful MU roommate and African sister is the new @missuniverse couldn’t be more happy for her such an amazing soul, enjoy your reign beautiful! @zozitunzi” the gorgeous newly crowned Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa #missuniverse.”

These series of actions attracted a lot of positive reactions on Twitter as everyone addressed her as the real ‘hype queen’. The international model was definitely one to watch out for at this year’s Miss Universe beauty pageant, and this she proved by placing among the top 20 out of 90 contestants at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, at the 68th Miss Universe event. Olutosin’s general charisma, poise and intelligence made it possible for her to place as a finalist, which is interestingly the first time in many years a Nigerian will place at the top spot.

Her mind blowing speech when she was given the opportunity to let the world know her was apt. She recalled her mom’s remarkable reprimand which she says she firmly believes. “My mother once said….and I’m a firm believer of that,” she revealed. “She recently passed away tragically. And I was still able to persevere through and competed in my national pageant. I used my story now to inspire, uplift and impact the youths.” Being able to talk about herself, her advocacies and her story is what she loves doing!

The girl-child education advocate and former Miss Nigeria USA 2015 who tragically lost her mum during the 2019 MBGN pageant to a car accident, mentioned that the death of her mom taught her perseverance and she uses her story to inspire and uplift youths. This resilient 26-year old beauty holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Human services, with a minor in Psychology. She wears many harts working as a model, presenter, public speaker and women’s empowerment activist. Born and brought up in New Jersey, she started her pageantry career in 2015 when she won Miss Nigeria USA. She represented Taraba State at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2019 which was held at the Gabriel Okara Cultural Centre on October 11, 2019 in Yenogoa, Bayelsa State as she emerged as the first runner-up at the pageant. She’s known for her humanitarian work and advocacy for breast cancer charity organisation and girl-child education.

The Miss Universe is a global inclusive organisation that celebrates women of all cultures, backgrounds and empowers them to realise their goals through experiences that build self-confidence and create opportunities for success. The Miss Universe Organisation also empowers women to realise their personal, professional and philanthropic talent that act as catalyst for future success. It also celebrates beauty, in all forms and provides tools that help women feel confidently beautiful.

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