Greensprings School Launches Wowbii Interactive Boards to Enhance Learning


Having recognised how the digital revolution is reshaping the education industry, the management of Greensprings School is constantly adopting tools and technology for 21st century students.

Since the beginning of the 2019/2020 academic session, the school has been hinting at new innovative technology meant to improve the teaching and learning experience.

Preceding the introduction of virtual reality, augmented reality and the air and sea laboratories, the launch of Wowbii boards in classrooms across Greensprings campuses marks the beginning of what can be described as technology explosion. The Wowbii screens, which were initially tested at Greensprings Ikoyi Campus before scaling to the secondary and elementary levels at the other campuses, serve as a useful learning tool for teachers and students because of its interactive features and visual displays.

The Deputy Director of Education at Greensprings, Dr. Barney Wilson described the Wowbii boards as “a teacher’s best friend and an assistant to the learners.”

He affirmed teachers’ readiness and curiosity to experiment with the new technology, adding that “here at Greensprings, we have teachers who are tech-savvy. Our method was to choose rooms and simply put the screens in the room to give teachers and students an opportunity to use them.

“Students are technology-driven. They are using technology at home and because they are already technical people, they no longer listen to just the teacher, they can also see immediately what the teacher is talking about.”

So far, the Wowbii boards were introduced to 22 new rooms and have been well received with excitement. According to Mr. Lawal, the year 10 Economics teacher, “the students were very excited when I switched on the Wowbii screens in the morning.

“Unlike the regular whiteboards, whereby I have to always wipe off my notes after every class, the Wowbii electronics boards enable me to save my notes for each class so I don’t have to start all over again. This makes me more productive, as I can always refer to my notes from previous classes,” he added.

Fikayomi, a year 10 student said, “it’s been so much fun using this board because it grabs everyone’s attention and makes learning more exciting. When we first saw it, everyone started clapping.”

Reactions from other teachers revealed that the board has helped take away the abstract part of learning, making it more concrete and easy to comprehend.

As Nigeria’s first thinking school, Greensprings is actively leading the charge forward in using technology and research to explore different aspects of education, while preparing students for college, career and entrepreneurship by creating business incubators and readiness centres on campus.