Firm Unveils Austrian Technology for Hospitals, Banks

By Peter Uzoho

Africa makes up 15 per cent of the world population and carries 23 per cent of the global disease burden, yet it accounts for just 1 per cent of global health expenditures. Sadly, the rest of the world spends 10 times more on healthcare than Africa.

At this time of digitalisation, the health sector, like many others (industry, retail, banking, etc.), must reinvent itself. Patients have become more demanding with processing times, punctuality, quality, etc., and healthcare professionals are now scrutinised through applications.

With the digital age, reputation and quality of service have become more important. Technology is revolutionising health care in many ways. It makes hospital stays less stressful and more enjoyable, gives practitioners more time to devote to patients and personalises care making it less invasive.

Healthcare has thus become a mandatory element for the survival rate especially in Africa

A seminar on Innovative In-Building Solutions organised by Medcourt Support Services and hosted by Mr. Guido Stock, the Commercial Counsellor at the Austrian Embassy in Lagos, on Monday, 30 September 2019 showcased modern, cutting edge solutions for the medical and health sector as well as banking and other industry sectors.

In his welcome address, the Managing Director, Medcourt Support Services, Mr Adegboyega Oridota, reiterated the company’s commitment to positively contributing to health-care solutions focused on the improvement of healthcare across Africa.

One of the companies participating in the seminar, Sumetzberger GmbH, represented by their Export Sales Manager for Pneumatic Tube Systems, Mr. Josef Gebhard, specialise in the development and implementation of pneumatic tube systems. Such systems are employed to provide secure and reliable transport solutions for hospitals, banks, and industry as well as cash handling and administrative processes.

The second Austrian company represented at the seminar, Schrack Seconet AG, offers innovative information and communication systems that interlink patients and nursing staff in hospitals. Mr. Patrick Eveleens, Area Sales Manager stated that he believes there is huge potential especially in Nigeria, where the company currently offer or design more than 10 hospital projects.

Both companies are locally represented by Mr. Adegboyega Oridota, Managing Director of Medcourt Support Services, and have participated in the popularly known Medic West Africa in 2018 and will be part of the Austrian Pavilion at the upcoming 17th International Building and Construction Exhibition in Accra.

The Commercial Counsellor, Mr. Guido Stock, expressed his strong belief that Austria, looking back to a long tradition in the rendering of outstanding public healthcare, is in an excellent position to contribute to overcome the health care challenges Nigeria is facing. West Africa and Nigeria specifically are among the most important markets for Austrian companies looking beyond their traditional markets in Europe and North America.”

The exclusive event had over 60 professionals and industry thought leaders in the architectural, construction and healthcare sector in attendance.

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