Asiegbu: Good Strategy, Execution, Key to Brand Growth

A University of Nigeria, Nsukka graduate of Biochemistry who participated in the Guinness’ ‘More Than a Job,’ which was unveiled by the brewery giant last year, Chibuikem Asiegbu, shares his experience from the initiative during a media chat in Lagos. Raheem Akingbolu brings the excerpts


How did you hear about the More Than A job campaign by Guinness?


 After my youth service, I started looking out for a ground-breaking opportunity in a dynamic organisation and I saw the More Than A Job ad on a career website. I was excited about the role because it was the perfect opportunity for me to grow and explore.


Did you ever believe you would be given an opportunity to work with this extraordinary brand?

 I have always believed in myself. A personal mantra for me has always been, ‘if only one person was going to be chosen, it would be me’. However, after reading the job description and criteria for selection, I was thrilled to recognise Guinness as an equal opportunity employer, despite the popular misconception of global brands.

How has your experience been working for a global brand such as Guinness?

 In a nutshell, it has been an astounding experience! The challenging tasks, opportunities, exposure, training and the extraordinary feeling that comes with working for one of the most iconic alcohol beverage brand in the world. Everything is fast-paced, I have learnt to work under intense pressure. Sometimes, I clock-in extra hours to be thorough with deliverables. Furthermore, everyone in my team and beyond is always ready to help. It’s been truly More than a job.


How has this opportunity impacted your life?

I have learnt to multitask and still deliver 100 per cent. My management skill has improved, from managing resources to managing people and projects. My creativity has increased exponentially, and my understanding consumer behaviour and digital marketing has significantly advanced. This opportunity has also helped me discover a lot more about myself. I am now truly made of more.

What is your work routine with the brand Guinness team at Diageo?

 I begin my day by going through a checklist of pending tasks and prioritise them based on timelines. I partake in creative sessions, handle internal projects and assist the team in delivering projects for Brand Guinness. Also, I manage events, work with third party agencies and internal stakeholders to ensure timely delivery of tasks. Few months into my internship, I got an additional role, to assist the digital media manager in planning digital campaigns and the managing our digital agencies.


Have you worked on any major projects since you became part of team?

 Yes! I have worked on some fantastic Pan-Nigeria projects such as, Guinness Gold launch, 1759 -Guinness time and Guinness extraordinary campaign amongst others.

 Share some of the challenges you encountered putting this project together?

 Different projects posed different challenges, but that of Guinness Gold launch was thought-provoking as we were launching the first Guinness Gold Lager in the world.

 We had to get it right in our strategy and execution; a major challenge was ensuring all key deliverables were achieved within the specified timelines for the consumer launch event. At first glance, it looked overwhelming considering the magnitude of our project.


 How did you overcome them?

Prioritizing tasks was key. In addition, I consistently remained in sync with my line manager and other team members for clarity ahead of the launch date. Consequentially, the Guinness Gold launch turned out fantastic; crowd control was excellent, guests turned out massively and we had zero safety and security worries. I got to understand the importance of team work and how it contributes to the success of a project.

Can you share with us what makes you and the process extraordinary?

 Optimism, confidence and determination are my driving principles. I welcome challenges as I see them as avenues for growth. Furthermore, More Than A Job has increased my developing drive and given my potentials an avenue for bold and distinct expressions wherever I find myself.

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