Mixed Bag of Surprises


Housemates Seyi and Tacha had a difficult time digesting all the things their fellow housemates said about them since their fake eviction on Sunday night. Though Tacha knew beforehand that she was not a favourite in the house since she had been up for eviction twice. But what she didn’t expect was the ostentatious feeling of schadenfreude the housemates had about her eviction. Mike didn’t mince words when he described her as being arrogant. Mercy too shared similar sentiments. Where they saw arrogance, Diane claimed she saw confidence and that was what she really liked about the young lady from Port Harcourt.

Stuck in the secret room where they watched their housemates, the two housemates felt it was time to re-strategise now that they know their fellow housemates true colours.

On the other side of the wall, it was business as usual. More games, more love triangles and a trip down memory lane as Biggie asked them to write love letters about their first love. However, Biggie spiced things up when he tasked them to prepare a banquet for their special guests, unknown to them that the guests were Tacha and Seyi.

Excited about this piece of news, the housemates put in all the energy and spice to impress their ‘celebrity guests’. Tables were set, sumptuous meals were cooked and the housemates even spruced up their appearance.

When their guests finally arrived, not a few of them his their dismay. Though some of them managed a smile and hug here and there, their disappointment was not lost on the guests. They too kept up the appearances, reading letters addressed to some of their housemates. The only person who couldn’t keep up with the pretence was Mike. The athlete boldly told Tacha that he hoped her absence from the house humbled her. Later, the two were seen burying the hatchet in the garden.

No doubt, their return to the house got some on the edges. Mercy and Esther are suspicious that they might have been watching them from the secret room and probably heard everything spoken about them. Esther is the least perturbed by this. She maintained that she will defend her words about Tacha if the need arises. Mercy, still a bit uncomfortable confided in Ike, her love interest that she didn’t found the fake eviction funny. She thought Biggie should have just let them go so that they will know how many contenders are left in the game.

Meanwhile, Tacha and Seyi are playing the cool detectives, watching their housemates with a new pair of eyes. All the housemates are up for eviction this week. It will be the first time they will all be placed on the chopping block. Who will be saved?