Dino Melaye, Dimeji Bankole Sheathe

Dino Melaye

Swords … Reconcile at Melaye’s Mum Burial
When the coliseum falls silent, it is because the victor has finally left the arena after dealing pain and perhaps death to all who stood against him. Perhaps the lions have had their fill of unlucky men. Or the mad bear finally toppled the beastly man. On rare occasions, it is because there is simply nothing to see anymore.

Thus, two gladiators, Dimeji Bankole, former speaker of the House of Representatives, and Senator Dino Melaye, a senator in the ninth senate, have decided to lay down their swords and embrace on the sands of battle. It was fashionable to fight when there was something at stake, seats to win or lose, masters to serve and egos to massage.

Now, the winds have blown another way, the times have changed, and the battle has become meaningless. The smart thing to do in such circumstances is to consolidate forces rather than waste further strength on pointless skirmishes. And Senator Dino might be many things, but he is also a very smart man. Foolish people certainly don’t contend against governors and presidents and live to tell the tale.

So, on the August occasion of the burial of his mum, Dino not only invited the former speaker, he also exchanged cordial greetings and hugs. The action not only stunned onlookers; even members of Dino’s inner circle were thrown for a loop. The man renowned for fighting to the finish not only yielded an inch but actually turned a longtime foe to a political brother.

Recall that during Bankole’s tumultuous time at the helm of the lower chamber of the National Assembly, Dino, then a fresh face in the house and self-styled progressive, was one of those that impeded him at every turn. He turned almost every plenary into venues to recite the alleged crimes of Bankole, leading to the climax when he was beaten black and blue, thrown out of the house, denied his allowances for close to a year, and even suspended.
Seems all that is in the past now. The likes of juju legend King Sunny Ade, gospel singer Yinka Ayefele, politician Peter Obi, comedian Ay, and veteran actor, Alex Uwaifo were on hand at the burial and to witness the sheathing of swords.