VDT Excites Consumers with 4G LTE Service


Indigenous Broadband Communication Service Provider, VDT Communication has expanded its frontiers with the launch of 4G LTE Advanced service, a retail data network.

This is coming with the company’s acquisition of broad channel 2.3GHz Spectrum from the federal government.

The acquisition deal was concluded through Bitflux Communications Limited; a consortium of which VDT is the principal partner.

Speaking at the launch, Managing Director/CEO, VDT Communications Limited, Abiodun Omoniyi, stated that the company’s priority was to provide world class services to their customers.

He explained further that their aim was to be at the forefront of championing incoming revolution in the broadband services ecosystem. He said that the revolution would affect many sectors in the economy spanning from video streaming to financial services and into auto cars.

“The revolution will usher in many good things in the economy but then, we need a good platform which will provide adequate connectivity before we could derive the benefits of the revolution,” he pointed out.

Omoniyi expressed concerns over the wide gaps that existed in the market, majorly due to poor quality networks, poor customer service and inadequate support service.

He thus promised that 4G LTE Advanced Data Service would fill the gaps with superior network quality, top-notch network performance and proactive customer and support services.

“The future will be heavily powered by access to data, which we are out to bridge the gaps that existed in the market,” he assured.