Obaseki, Oshiomhole Tiff Enters Another Round

Obaseki and Oshiomhole

The rift between the Edo State governor Godwin Obaseki and his predecessor Comrade Adams Oshiomhole became a yawning chasm on Monday as the governor orchestrated what amounted to a cunning coup as nine members of the House of Assembly loyal to him were hurriedly sworn in at night. The group swiftly proceeded to elect a speaker and deputy speaker.

In a clime where the principles of simple mathematics are regularly upturned in political calculations, the governor’s camp pulled off an audacious heist that the Oshiomhole camp is yet to recover from. Transforming into political bats, nine members of the 24-member assembly converged on the Edo House of Assembly premises in the dead of night as the Clerk of the House Yahaya Omogbai read out the letter of proclamation from the governor formally inaugurating the house.

Thereafter, two of the nine members present Hon Frank Idiye and Hon Yekini Idiaye were voted speaker and deputy speaker respectively. With this move, Obaseki has cemented his support base in the state legislature trusting that his people will checkmate any counter moves as the battle for the soul of the APC in the state approaches its endgame ahead of the 2020 governorship elections.

Oshiomhole and his godson Obaseki have been in a tug of war since the latter became governor and abandoned ship to steer his own course. Oshiomhole, who is now the chairman of the national working committee of the party is said to have become angered as the governor replaced his godfather’s foot soldiers in important posts with his own loyalists.

After the apparent setback, loyalists of Oshiomhole have returned to the drawing board to plot their next steps against the governor who is proving surprisingly adept at staying one step ahead of the game.
They are waiting on further instructions from the Comrade in Abuja who, sources disclosed is bidding his time as he cooks up a scheme that would put Obaseki in his place.

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