GROHE Provides Individual System Solutions for the Entire Kitchen Sink

Leading brand for bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, GROHE, recently unveiled individual system solutions for every requirement in the entire kitchen sink work area. With affordability, the company is committed to providing quality, functional and well-designed kitchen sink portfolio.

GROHE brings colour accents to the kitchen with selected faucets and sinks. The technology originates from the aerospace industry and has set a new standard for the quality of kitchen finishes. The kitchen colours also include GROHE blue and red water systems as well as accessories in a range of colours, injecting each kitchen an individual, colourful look. Also, there is a range of kitchen sinks which include composite sinks in granite black and granite grey, offering the perfect match to faucets with chrome and super steel finishes.

Commenting on GROHE’s kitchen solutions, the President, GROHE, Middle East, Africa & East Mediterranean, Renu Misra, said “The features of the modern-looking composite sinks leave nothing to be desired, even for kitchen professionals. The surface is exceptionally resistant and withstands temperatures up to 280 °C. Even sharp knives cannot harm the sink’s scratch-resistant finish when preparing food”.

The system solutions includes the noise-reducing GROHE whisper insulation that reduces to the barest minimum noises that occur when doing the dishes in the sink. In five different designs, the composite sinks come with either one, one and a half or two basins and with or without drainer..

“GROHE’s simple cleaning requirements make for a convenient wash-up after eating, making it easy to clean even large casserole dishes thanks to the sinks’ generous size. Our kitchen skin comes with finishes that are three times harder compared to Chrome and ten times more resistant to scratches which makes faucets and sinks not only look good, but also be capable to withstand the toughest everyday kitchen use”. Renu added.

These solutions offers more advantage with the waste systems. The practical and functional work area of the kitchen sink waste system remains fully intact and offers maximum convenience for your busy everyday life. Available for sink cabinets with a width of either 60 or 90cm, one, two or three waste containers can be used. Depending on the waste cabinet’s width, capacity combinations of 16 to a maximum of 40 litres are available.

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