Building Collapses and Bad Leadership

Akinwunmi Ambode

The spate of building collapses in different parts of the country is becoming genuinely disturbing especially, in Lagos, which is supposed to set the pace in terms of leadership and governance. This, of course, has called for a review of leadership dispositions in the country.

Otherwise the spate of building collapses in the country presupposes one thing and one thing only: poor leadership. When leadership is unable to follow up on policies and effectively enforce its own laws, what you get is a degeneration of governance, even where the policies are sound and comparable to the best practices anywhere in the world.

The strength of a cracking leadership lies in its ability to make hard choices in the overall interests of all.
Often, such choices are not especially pleasant to the people for whom they were conceived. In the long run, however, everyone begins to savour the beauty of such a choice. Regulating building approvals and enforcing them has become one compelling hard choice that government must embrace without emotional considerations. Enough lives lost!