RBE Unveils First Artiste, Jay Tunes


Ayodeji Ake

Royal Brother Empire, a new record label has unveiled its first artiste, Osayomore Joseph Ighonogie, who performs under the stage name Jay Tunes, as the label promised good musics.

RBE Manager, Lucky Melvin told reporters at a press conference held recently in Lagos, that the label has discovered some loopholes in the music industry and has decided to fill them up with heart-warming and soul arresting music of all seasons.

“Royal Brother Empire is a new record label that is poised on bringing good music into Nigeria. We have looked at the industry and we have seen so many loopholes. Won’t mention any, but we are about filling them,” he said.

Speaking on the first artiste, Melvin noted Jay Tunes was signed based on his diverse knowledge and distinguished style of music as a producer, song writer and a singer.

“For now, we have only Jay Tunes, who is the son of Ambassador Osayomore Joseph, a legend in indigenous music. We saw him in Jay Tunes and he is so talented that he can do both indigenous and circular music.

“He is also a good instrumentalist that can do a lot with the guitar. Those are his uniqueness. Expect a lot from Royal Brother Empire, but for now we are focusing first on Jay Tunes,” he said.

When asked about the deal with RBE, Jay Tunes noted that he is privileged to be the first artiste of the label, while describing it as a golden opportunity.

“Being an artiste in RBE is awesome. I have been exposed to all kind of opportunities, and we are working towards a goal. It’s team work and we are making it happen. To me it’s a rare opportunity because there are people out there hoping for this” Jay Tunes said.

He said what distinguishes him from other Nigerian artiste is his “unique sounds and being a producer as well. I’m looking forward to feature Davido, Runtown, and a whole lot of artists”.