Okunoren Unveils its New Linen Collection

Mary Nnah

The Okunoren brand has infused hints of old-world charm into essential pieces created for the discerning modern man into its new linen collection.

The collection is composed of transitional pieces which are all crafted in linen, a cloth known to add a fresh and relaxed twist to formal tailoring.

This cloth is worn predominantly in tropical climes; from Sao Paolo to Lagos, Havana to Miami; where the average temperature is 28-30 degrees centigrade.

“While maintaining our signature sartorial elegance, we have created a collection that celebrates the distinctive nature of Lagos, it invokes our nostalgic yearnings for simpler times, sandy beaches, calm lazy waves and carefree days,” said Creative Director, Taiwo Okunoren.

A nod to the uniquely Nigerian inspiration of the brand, Okunoren repurposes traditional Yoruba instruments as exciting accents to the collection— on brown linen shirts, cowries feature as buttons fused with Sanyan aso- oke trimmings; Opele beads gleam off-white shirts, big patch pockets feature on oversized long-sleeved shirts paired with the military patch pockets on vibrant blue trousers.

Nestled within the collection are iconic Okunoren pieces, which have been reissued in this collection.
“We have reintroduced our signature raffia drawstrings on the trousers and shorts, also the bishop-collars are back,” said Jackie Nwadison, Okunoren’s Head of Footwear.

“These pieces are beautifully complimented with our footwear collection which includes the Malo sandals, Rabat half-shoes, the bestselling Ilase thong slippers and brown Egungun slippers,” she added.

“The relaxed nature of the collection is a nice juxtaposition with the bustle of our vibrant city and we are pleased to be able to offer a body of work that captures the essence of Lagos and showcases it to the world,” said Okunoren.

The Linen Collection is impressively versatile and can be worn on a number of occasions all year round. The design house has utilized its usual hand-sewn, bespoke techniques on these items in line with the extraordinary standard of craftsmanship inherent with the brand.

Each piece is made solely by hand in Ota, Ogun State and the linens are sourced mainly from Italy and India.

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