APC: The Dogs of War


Don’t mind me abeg, this title is too dramatic but how else will I catch your attention if I don’t shock you? You see, what we have seen from the videos circulating on the recent APC campaign opener in Lagos is more or less a small war o. As I watched the video, I shook my head in amazement and disgust. As my friend Ambode was talking, hailing his performance and that of the APC in Lagos, the thugs were going at themselves. Multiple gunshots were heard, people were scampering and lives were being dispatched to the great beyond.

I am writing this piece at 5a.m in the morning, unable to sleep, not because of APC wahala but for other issues I will not mention here, I am not privy to the official position of the APC but knowing them very well, this would be the work of PDP thugs who were sent to destabilize a purely democratic activity. They will respond by sending out more Sanwo-Olu’s pictures and banners. Na wa. This our politics is something else, a place filled with grandstanding big mouths, hypocritical big men all standing on the support of thugs who having their own agenda release the kind of violence we saw yesterday. The simple explanation for what happened yesterday was the fight for positioning as to who gets the largesse and patronage that would come from the rally. Simple!

There is no other explanation. What we have is politics of thuggery and enforcers. Thugs are now beyond the reach of the law and the police remain almost helpless in curbing these things because of the powers behind. Well, what the rest of us can do is to continue to mind our business or how do you want to intervene? Is it to go and collect knife stab on your neck, or collect stray bullet? Let the Pharisees continue, one day true salvation will come. I tell you I have gone on the mountain top and I have seen a new Nigeria.

A Nigeria free from the excesses of these pharisees , a Nigeria where votes will count and where all freeborn sons of this great country will stand shoulder to shoulder in the push towards an egalitarian society. I tell you I have the vision and will come down from the mountain top and proclaim freedom, I will shut it, FREEDOM! Be like say, I get malaria. Freedom ke, during the age of the Jagaban? Mbok, make I go find something take, I dey dizzy.