Boko Haram – Tears for the Fatherland

You know I have a sneaky feeling that these tears will keep flowing for a long time to come. Last week just as this column was going to press, snippets of videos and commentaries started emerging showing the massacre of our soldiers by the renegades who claim they are fighting for what I don’t know. You know me I don’t have the heart for these things so it took me a while to gather enough courage to open these videos. By the time I opened it, I could only pray that the Nigerian Army position on these videos not being totally accurate is true. My people what I saw was really gruesome.

Our soldiers were killed almost without a fight. At this time, I do not think it is correct for us to blame one another, sharing the videos without considering the toll it would take on the families of these fallen heroes. One post I saw was that of someone who claimed that one of the fallen soldiers was his dad. I think it is really time for much more than sober reflections and a strong desire to do something about the seeming helplessness we have found ourselves as a people.

This thing started quite early during the OBJ government I think, and then continued almost unabatedly during the Jonathan era and one of the strong reasons they gave us for asking us to support this Buhari was the fact that he had military experience, citing the now mythical bravery at the Lake Chad corridor as strong reasons to believe that he will ‘do something’. Today, we are being confronted with this kind of carnage? It is really annoying. My suggestion is for us to either surrender and give them what they want if this will stop this killing spree or really do something about this. Whatever decision we want to take, this must really stop. No more cosmetic approach of summoning service chiefs and expressing shock. Which kind shock na? Shock will not do anything o. Baba do something.

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