Stop Using Court to Intimidate Workers, Hope Party Cautions FG


Tobi Soniyi

The presidential candidate of the Hope Democratic Party, Chief Andrew Owuru has called on the All Progressives Congress-led administration to stop using the court to frustrate workers from enjoying their right to protest.

In a statement issued by his campaign organisation, Owuru who said he would pay workers N100,000 minimum wage, called on Nigerians to opt for a welfarist state as against the present exploitative capitalist system.

Owuru appealed to the ruling party and government to “at least respect workers’ rights and not hide under the present capitalist economic system to engage in abuses and procurements of questionable exparte court orders to seek to dislodge or obstruct workers universal right to protest or embark on peaceful strike actions under a democratic government over poor working conditions in the land.”

He also called on workers to support his party’s poor people’s revolution and vote to end poverty for a guaranteed maximum welfare for all and higher income and good conditions of work with a minimum of N100,000 minimum wage.

Owuru said that his party promised Nigeria “a new economic order based on a welfarist wealth redistribution. We have to move away from the present regime of survival of the fittest and exploitative economic policies of the present capitalist economic system in Nigeria.

Apart from payment of N100,000 minimum wage to workers, Owuru said his government would distribute money monthly to the poor, displaced, unemployed and the aged, men and women.

He said, “All workers will be entitled to the minimum of N100,000 living wage in addition to other welfare packages as of right as obtained in other climes.

“The realisation of the need for revolutionary change of economic system from the present exploitative capitalist system to the preferred welfarist wealth redistribution system under which citizens are entitled to both interest free fund and social capitals to finance their small businesses to drive industrialization, create jobs and provide free health care system, free education, free mass transit and social housing etc. is the driving force behind this new realisation and revolution that will manifest in the 2019 presidential election to the surprise of the world.”