Legend Doubles Internet Speed on Bundled Fibre Service


Stanley Nkwazema

The Leading Fibre to the Home (FTTH) service Provider, Legend has formally doubled its speed on its TriplePlay and Dual Play Bundles from 8Mbps and 4Mbps to 16Mbps and 8Mbps respectively to serve clients better.

Interestingly, the increase will be at no additional cost to the customers already on the service and to those joining the network.

The General Manager of Legend Aisha Abdulaziz disclosed yesterday in Abuja that in Legends quest to deliver a fully immersive Multi Media experience at the quality of the most developed countries in the world to its customers in Nigeria, the company will continue to increase the speeds on its network and introduce innovative and exciting products that ensure its customers are satisfied and fulfilled with their TV, Internet and Digital services.   

She explained that Legend had also made history in the African Internet market by launching its Residential GE Gigabit Internet service.

Gigabit Internet services are very rare even in the United States and were championed  actively by companies like Google who set up Google Fibre to drive GE services to the home.

She said “We have built a network at par with the most advanced in the world, and are very eager to provide our customers with the services they deserve. Our GE services start at 0.1Gbps through to 1Gbps, over a single connection, suitable for UHD/4K Video streaming and other bandwidth intensive applications. They are also well priced and start at N150, 000, 00 per month”

According to the Legends General Manager “Our diverse product offerings ensure that the Legend experience is available to the broad spectrum of the market either through our Hotspot chain or our OTT products which can be accessed through the Google Playstore or App Store. We are very excited at the prospects and opportunities ahead”.

Legend by Suburban is an exclusive service brand which offers distinctive value that enhances the lifestyle of its users. The service was launched in 2014 with a focus on providing access to unlimited premium video entertainment and connectivity to the public.

The company  provides direct fibre optic connections to individual locations to enable: ultra-fast internet access; unlimited HD video streaming via different models, including Subscription Video-on-demand & Transactional Video-on-demand; Home Automation and Security services; Wi-Fi hotspots set up across different locations; as well as a bespoke mobile app that enables video content consumption on the go.