Compex Africa Releases Upgraded Business Valuation Tool


CompexAfrica has released an upgraded version of its business valuation tool for the Nigerian business ecosystem.

The tool enables business owners determine the fair value of their business based on current and future cash flows generated from and expended on existing business assets and liabilities.

Speaking on the tool capabilities, the Chief Operating Officer of CompexAfrica, Chukwudumije Igwe, said: “Our business valuation tool is well suited for commercial and regulatory purposes. Some of which includes; raising capital from investors, measuring business position / performance and preparation of annual financial reporting requirements.”

Speaking about the uniqueness of the tool, Igwe said: “The easy to use nature of the CompexAfrica business valuation tool ensures minimal input from professional advisers, it’s a cheaper alternative to traditional business valuations and it’s online availability makes it more accessible. The incorporation of previous performance records and identifiable growth patterns directly into the valuation methodology reduces the need to develop separate business cash flow projections and minimizes the subjectivity involved in valuing a business. This reduced subjectivity makes the results more reliable for commercial and regulatory purposes.”

CompexAfrica received seed money and incubation from Sasware, the technology investment subsidiary of Signal Alliance. Leveraging on Signal Alliance’s over 20 years’ experience in the tech industry, the company is well positioned to continue to deliver innovative solutions to fill the gaps in Nigeria business environment.