On Oil Magnate, Funsho Philips’ Perpetual Bachelorhood


He was reputed as one of the wise men that made answer to the question, ‘When should a man marry? – ‘A young man not yet and an elder man not at all.’ Unrepentant bachelor, Funso Philips, probably subscribes to such witticism. To the consternation of friends and family, Funso, a copiously blessed dude, has refused to get married. This is no doubt amazing, given the fact that Funsho is endowed with all the attributes that make a woman swoon over a man; he is rich, sophisticated and flaunts ruggedly handsomeness that could make even the most prim and proper lady weak in the knees.

Notwithstanding his folkloric status, Funsho is yet to settle with any of his female admirers. This has been severally attributed to his elitist temperament which continually sends many potential brides scampering away from him. Till date, the dark dude has too many ladies seeking his attention and he never denies them anything from the abundance of his material and more importantly, physical endowments, it was reliably gathered. Lively, amiable and full of promise, Funsho has been linked with quite a number of ladies in the past but none has been able to win his heart for keeps.

Though he allegedly has a lovechild schooling in an Ivy League school in the United Kingdom, Funsho does not seem to be considering marriage anytime soon thus inciting speculations about his decision to stay single. While some jocularly insinuate that he might be waiting for his daughter to get married before he also gets married, others aver that the rich dude simply dreads the hassles involved in getting married and staying married. Let’s hope he has a rethink soon enough.