Rotary Club Lagos Island Installs New President

Mary Nnah

Rotary Club of Lagos Island recently installed its third president, Rotarian Raj Kumar Gulati, to direct the affairs of the club for the year 2018-2019. Gulati during his installation ceremony held in Lagos recently, said it was not a moment of pleasure for him, but a moment of responsibility which has been put on his shoulders to complete within one year time.

“One of many good things about Rotary is that positions are generally for one year. So whatever one has to do, should be done within this time frame,” he said. “Being the president of a club of this nature is like taking a huge responsibility on your shoulders and to be able to succeed in carrying out this responsibility, you need the support of everybody. You can’t be the leader alone.”

Speaking on his vision for the year, the newly installed President said some of the projects to be executed in the current rotary year will include blood donations, vocational trainings, provision of artificial limbs and free cataracts eye surgeries.

Expressing his expectations for the Rotary Club of Lagos as the new president is installed, District Governor for Rotary International, District 9110, covering Lagos and Ogun State, Rotarian Kola Sodipo, said, “I am happy that today the new president, Rotarian Gulati is being installed as the third president of this club.

“Coincidentally, the Rotary Club of Lagos Island is now the largest club in Africa with well over 150 members. They did a lot last year, so I don’t have any doubt in my mind that in this rotary year, they would also do great work in the service to humanity.”

The district governor advised therefore that the club should continue to do good to various people out there that need help and succour in whatever area of life.

Noting that one of the key objectives for Rotary International is service to humanity, Sodipo said for this rotary year, the club will focus on three core areas which are health, education and youth empowerment.

He stated, “When we talk about the area of health, we are looking at assisting and partnering both Lagos and Ogun State governments to rehabilitate some identified primary health centres and also equip them with the basic medical needs so that when patience gets to a primary healthcare centre, he/she will be attended to and rendered the necessary health care.

“We are also looking at having a surgical mission just like the Rotary Club of Lagos Island where every year we do free eyes surgeries for patience with cataract.”

Chairman, Installation Committee, Rotarian Vipul Agrawal, said Rotarian Gulati was regarded as an inspirational president because every year in Rotary International, they decide on a theme to run with and this year the theme is “Be the Inspiration”.

“Last year the theme was “Making a Difference” and this year, the theme that has been given to us by Rotary International is “Be the Inspiration”, so this year, all club members are referred to inspiration members because we are supposed to inspire everyone around us,” Agrawal said.

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