Accenture: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Will Enhance Businesses

Emma Okonji

The Managing Director, Technology Accenture Nigeria, Mr. Niyi Tayo has reiterated the need for Nigerian businesses to embrace emerging technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), insisting that such technologies will enhance productivity in business.

According to him, ML and AI would become key enablers in a new era of digital experiences and value propositions.
“Keeping interactions between AI and clients fair and unbiased, will be critical to the success of any business. Even though ML and AI will be key requirements in future business, the digital revolution needs a human touch,” Tayo said.
Explaining the role of AI in business, Tayo said it would help expand into every facet of human lives, driving better business decisions and user experiences throughout a wide range of markets and industries.

“AI has effectively become a new user interface, making our interactions with the increasingly advanced technologies that surround us easier and more seamless. Intelligent digital assistants like ‘Google Now’ in our smartphones, helping us reach out to others, find information, make notes and navigate the physical world, are part of the roles of AI in business, he said.

“Amazon Alexa and Google Home have given us the ability to order goods and services without ever seeing a screen.
“These developments are constantly making it easier to use advanced technology effectively. Instead of adapting to our machines, we are teaching our machines to adapt to us. But as we train our artificial intelligences to approve loans, identify job candidates and treat patients, we must be mindful of our responsibility to society.

“In a future where AI has the power to facilitate every touch point from commerce to public services, we must strive to ensure it remains a force for good. We, therefore, have to nurture our AI as with great power comes great responsibility,” Tayo added.

In order to seize the growth opportunities that AI provides, companies will need to address core ethical considerations and establish a set of value-driven requirements to guide the deployment of AI, he said.
“At Accenture, we’ve developed the Responsible AI approach to help our clients create the proper governance frameworks to evaluate, deploy and monitor AI.

“Our methodology focuses on architecture and solutions that emphasise people and human values. Using this approach will help organisations guide the implementation of AI in a positive direction and establish the prerequisites for future growth,” Tayo added.

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