Traditional Rulers: Nigeria’s Structural Foundation Deficient, Flawed

By Omololu Ogunmade in Abuja

Nigerian traditional rulers under the auspices of the National Development Summit of Traditional Rulers Wednesday in Abuja said Nigeria’s corporate existence was under threat because it was built on deficient and structural foundation. 

Delivering a welcome address at the 10th summit of traditional rulers in Maitama, Chairman of the Governing Council of Traditional Rulers, His Royal Majesty, Dr. Emmanuel Sideso Abe, said whereas Nigeria was endowed with huge natural resources, its existence is devoid of principles of equity, fairness and justice.

According to him, it is such features of equity, fairness and justice that make notable countries like the United States of America great as he advocated the need to rebuild Nigeria on the foundation of equity and justice with high moral standards.

Abe, who is the Uvwie of Uvwie kingdom in Delta State, noted with dismay that various constitutional reviews embarked upon by the National Assembly had failed to address Nigeria’s structural flaws.

He also lamented that the federal government had failed to adopt resolutions of several national conferences which he said had the potentials to reposition the country for progress.

The monarch said Nigeria was in dire need of a good leader who would address the nation’s unemployment crisis and build bridges, disclosing that most traditional rulers were unable to attend the summit which he said took off with over 400 members upon its inauguration by the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua in 2008 because of insecurity.

He said: “Here is a country born with incredible potentials, established on goodness and trust, with uncommon ideals and dreams that could make her soar into high altitudes of greatness. Like the eagles, Nigeria was born with powerful wings, in the form of enormous natural endowments. Nigeria was never meant to crawl or stagnate.

“Whatever we may say or do, the fact remains that our foundation as a nation as designed by our founding fathers has been visibly deficient and threatening. Administrations come and go but none has been courageous enough to address conclusively the issue of structural flaws.

“We cannot do anything against the truth. The only way the eagle will fly is for it to realise that it is gifted with better wings than other birds and make a decision to use the wings effectively. 

“We must resolve to build a new nation on a foundation of equity, justice, fairness, labour and high moral standards. This is what makes the United States of America and other advanced economies to tick.

“It is amazing how constitutional review has remained elusive for over a decade at the National Assembly in spite of the exigency of the matter. It is equally disheartening that the resolutions of all recent national conferences were never considered for adoption in the interest of national survival and progress, the huge funds sunk in these projects notwithstanding.”

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