AEMPIN Scholarships Retool African Public Sector Managers

In cooperation with Texas Southern University, the International Program Director of the United States based world leading capacity building institute, the Americas Empowerment Institute AEMPIN, Dr. Nadine Jenkins has said that the institute has retooled more African Public sector managers for global competitiveness.

AEMPIN is a public, non-political, non-profit educational institute serving a global constituency.

Jenkins who made the remarks recently at the graduation and certification ceremony of 25 participants of Mini-Mba in Strategic Management and Leadership course, 13 participants of Certified Telecoms Managerial Specialist course and 30 participants of Emerging Trends and Improved Effectiveness in Public Service Delivery course at AEMPIN campus in Houston, Texas, the United States of America disclosed that the Institute has already trained over 20,000 officials from 51 countries and conducted training both in the U.S and abroad.

She told the gathering that AEMPIN has trained more African Corporate executives than any other school in the world under its Scholarship programs.

“AEMPIN empowers capacity to foster economic development and upward mobility, while promoting and supporting strong governance through emerging trends and international best practices.

“We are a world leading capacity building firm with over 16 years’ experience in providing specialized and highly rated training in the areas of information technology, utility, governance, regulation, law, leadership, management, finance, public procurement, and telecommunications”, Jenkins added.

According to her , AEMPIN also provides consulting services to developing countries in the empowerment methodology and the designing of their economic and government policies, in efforts to further support and promote good and efficient governance through emerging trends and international best practices. Our website tells more than I can relate now, he said.

“Scholarships given to participants allow the Institute to expand its works and worldwide mission. Scholarships are utilized to help subsidize and sponsor individuals from foreign governments, which have both the desire and commitment to raise the level of proficiency of its staff and therefore the effective governance of its people, but simply do not have the necessary budgets to train every official who should be trained. Education remains the highest and greatest investment a government can undertake.

“No country can graduate from developing country to emerging country to developed country without adequate capacity empowerment. We are determined to empower as many as qualified for our scholarships based on available funds”, she explained.

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