Firm Launches Affordable Mobile Marketing Solutions

0, a leading provider of bulkSMS and mobile marketing services in Nigeria has launched its latest suite of mobile marketing solutions that includes instant airtime top-up, mobile data recharge and voice call services, all at affordable rates.

Speaking at the launch, the CEO of Vogue Web Solutions the owners of, Mr. Michael Simeon, noted that SMS is still one of the most attractive ways to reach customers with time-sensitive information in Nigeria. He expressed confidence that political aspirants would benefit immensely by using the services to reach their target audience in the coming elections as they can send pre-recorded voice messages and SMS broadcast to their electorates, especially those in rural areas.

He highlighted that despite the impact of social and mobile platforms, SMS still outperforms other channels. Comparing SMS to other marketing channels, Simeon noted that “65 out of 100 people open SMS messages within 5 minutes of receiving it whereas other channel can only boast of less than 20 per cent open rate”.

Also commenting on the new platform, co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Vogue Web Solutions, Ojikutu Quam, said the platform remained an income generation kit entrepreneurs who can now make additional income as reseller of the services by selling airtime to other people.

He remarked that each eStoreSMS user can monetize their 4 per cent discount by dispensing airtime at full price from their own account while business owners that have website can automate this process by integrating with via API or by adding a widget to their website.

The company’s operations manager, Temitope Olarewaju, explained that the has key differentiating features that most bulkSMS companies in Nigeria cannot compete with, like its instant airtime top-up and mobile data recharge option that supports more than 760 telcos globally which makes it easy to recharge for yourself and your loved ones.

He remarked that users also get 4 per cent discount for every airtime and bulkSMS they purchase on the platform, adding that the technology that powers the platform supports SMS delivery to numbers active on do-not-disturb (DND) via its corporate route services. He also noted that users can send broadcast messages with custom sender ID, thereby making it easy for the recipient to recognise the sender of the message.

The eStoreSMS company was acquired by Vogue Web Solutions in 2015 and has been operated alongside, a leading online payment company.