Atiku Pointing Way Forward for Nigeria, Says Group


Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

As Nigerians seek solutions to various challenges facing the country, former Vice President and presidential hopeful of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, has been hailed for articulation of his policies on restructuring.

Abubakar had in recent times championed the idea of reforming and restructuring the affairs of the country in way that the developmental challenges would be addressed.

Coordinator of Atiku Renaissance, Hon. Azibola Omekwe said in a statement at the weekend that Atiku Abubakar’s keynote speech at Chatham House recently has showed to even his worst critics that the former vice president is prepared to walk his talk on restructuring by laying bare how he hopes to deliver on the issue if given the opportunity to lead Nigeria.

Omekwe, who is also a former member of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly noted that his group and millions of youths and diverse people of Nigeria stand with Atiku on the merits of the policy framework that he had propounded at the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Describing the speech as a “masterpiece”, Omekwe said it is coming at crucial time when Nigeria is experiencing the most insipid situation as the political climate boils due to the desperation of the government in power.

“The message at the Chatham House is applauded as it is the only template content that is seasoning and aggregates Nigeria’s economic reawakening, workable policy ideology and also youth compliant, which would rescue the country from this stifled condition to a sizzling system and get Nigeria working again,” Omekwe said.

He said Abubakar’s articulation of Nigeria’s challenges and how to overcome it is very adept and a marked departure from the terrain that is now characterised with embarrassment.

Omekwe further said Abubakar’s message has unambiguously displayed him to the world as an original democrat whose personality does not need advertising, adding that his prescriptions “only brings to the table the way out for good governance, true federalism and indeed handing Nigeria back to Nigerians”.

“It is a beam of light to the entrapped youths, comatose financial system, trial-by-error blind economic policy and pervasive divisions and insecurity in Nigeria”, he said.