Dell CEO: African Countries Must Embrace Digital Transformation


Emma Okonji in Las Vegas, US

Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, Michael Dell has called on African counties and the entire global communities to embrace digital transformation through the use of digital technology to drive business growth and economic sustainability.

Dell, who made the call during his keynote address at the Dell Technologies World 2018 in Las Vegas, United States of America, said developed economies of the world have embraced technology to further drive their businesses and every nation must see it as a necessity to grow its economy through the digital transformation that is currently sweeping across the world.

According to Dell, “Digital transformation has enhanced businesses, and every business is looking for ways to deploy the best of technology solutions in every aspect of their operations to drive growth, new business partners, relationships as well as products and services. Technology is now top on the agenda for businesses globally because technology strategy is about business strategy, and every business must embrace it.”

At Dell Technologies, we innovate each day to enhance customer’s business. Today’s success story is different from the success stories of the past because technology has become the game changer. We need to use data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT) in a way that will drive speed of business. Technology transformation is the way to go and data is the fuel that will drive global technology transformation. Data can become the most valuable asset, even more valuable than software applications, Dell said.

He added: “It is estimated that by 2020, a million people will generate 200 terabyte of data everyday and 99 per cent of the data will not come from people, but from devices and everything that has electronics, which underscores the importance of IoTs, AI and ML.
“There is also need for adequate security to protect the data, hence the need for more storage facilities that Dell is currently championing globally. Smartphones and the new breed of PCs that Dell is producing, will further enhance data growth. Dell has become number one in server and storage devices that are currently driving data. Our PC business is growing, and in the last five years, billions of PCs were sold every quarter.

“Dell will continue to support innovations that will drive IoT, AI, and ML, through our public and private cloud solutions that we offer for business growth. Today, Dell has over 7,000 customers connecting seamlessly across multi cloud channels,” Dell Technologies Chairman added.

Chief Marketing Officer, Dell Technologies, Allison Dew said human and machine partnerships through AI, IoT and ML were creating lots of potential life-changing businesses for organisations. She said Dell would continue to use the human and machine partnership solutions to solve lots of business challenges across globe.

According to her, a recent research survey conducted by Dell showed that 42 per cent of the global population does not know whether they can cope with digital transformation, 51 per cent is still struggling to keep up with the digital technology space, while 93 per cent is faced with the barriers of digital transformation. She however insisted that digital transformation must drive IT transformation, workplace transformation and security transformation in any organisation.