Nike Osinowo’s television talk show was supposed to be as bright as a dawn of hope after the spell of a long, horrid night; perhaps it would be if it wasn’t as dull as ditch water.

This sad reality becomes the lot of the former beauty queen and socialite whose TV show was severally over-hyped prior to its debut. Despite the hype that heralded her entrance into the world of television magazine programmes, Nike is yet to effect that promising spark characteristic of a brash and able neophyte trying her hands in a tasking field.

Contrary to initial expectations about her ability to rattle and compete effectively with established broadcasters and TV talk show hosts and entrepreneurs, Nike has failed to shine.

While others scurried back to the drawing board in fear, to re-strategise and repackage their shows, Nike brazenly dashes the hopes of her fans when she pulled the plug of the show and dutifully devotes her time to her twins. The estranged wife of Tunde Soleye, will apparently do better in familiar terrains, like the walkway and the social circuit.

Nike Osinowo